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Customer Feedback

Comments from doctors, nurses and patients from the world about the Evolife product range*

My mom came back from a visit to Lebanon recently and gifted me with the evoskin cleanser. She said that when she went to a dermatologist there, he said that this will be the best product you will ever try in your life, and even though it's intended for cancer patients, he truely belived that it's the fountian of youth and is praying that evoskin expands their line. So my mom bought it for me since I havereally sensitive skin and acne.  I cannot believe how quickly it has transformed my skin. I have only been using the cleanser for 3 days and my skin is soft, moisturized, and clear of any imperfections. Never has a skincare product work so good and so quickly! The fact that the ingredients in the cleanser are the best that science has to offer makes it so much more special!  Has evolife ever considered to offer their line to cosmetic stores? As I know i'm not your target market, but I really think that evoskin needs to be shared with the world! I really believe that evoskin is the best kept beauty secret in the cosmetics industry! Thank you for your time for reading my praises!
Carla, North America, June 2011

I purchased this for my mother who is undergoing chemotherapy. She started getting some mouth ulcers shortly after her first treatment but then started using this about 1 week after her first treatment. Mouth ulcers are a common side effect of chemo but since she has been using this product, she has NOT HAD ANY mouth ulcers. She uses it twice per day. The only downside to this product is the price. For a six series chemo treatment, she went through about 7 bottles. Before she used the product, I had her take the product information to her Oncologist to ensure it was safe for her. He gave her the o.k. to use it. I ordered 1 bottle from here and then went directly to the company's website and ordered the additional 6 bottles she needed. The company web site was offering a 20% off coupon. Without the discount, the price is identical. The product is definitly worth the cost in the prevention of the mouth ulcers but may be cost prohibitive for many people. If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend this product. I could not find this product anywhere but on Amazon and directly from the company web site. Great product! In addition to the Evomucy, my mother also uses the Biotene products which are alcohol free. I believe it is the combination of using both of these products which has been so beneficial to my mother's prevention of the mouth sores. Good luck with your chemo treatment if you are purchasing this for that reason!
School Mom, California, USA, March 2011

I have used Evonail a month now and I can tell abig difference in my nails. They are much better. Evonail really soothes them where they feel better and are not as sore as before. The nails are growing out now instead of getting worse as before I started using Evonial. I'm very pleased with this product. Thank you.
Cecilia Crump, Christus St. Michael, TX, USA, May 2010 
On several occasions, we have used Evolife products in our service for treating diverse cutaneous-mucus side effects induced by anti-cancer treatments.
Notably, we have used Evonail on patients presenting side effects on their nails after having undergone anti-tumour treatments such as ERBITUX and TAXOTERE. In both cases, the efficiency of the product and the visible improvement were remarkable. We also used Evomucy, both the mouthwash and the spray, for treating mouth ulcers caused by chemotherapy. Results were satisfactory.
We also used Evoskin, both the Gel Cream and the Spray formats, on patients suffering from acute outbreaks of acne on their faces and bodies as a result of the anti-tumour treatments. After treating with your products, we observed a remarkable improvement of the affected area and patients were able to continue with their therapy as scheduled.
We are writing to you to express our satisfaction after using your products, notably in terms of their efficiency in treating the cutaneous-mucus side effects of chemotherapy, without creating any further side effects. We hope that these products will be made available to as many people as possible.
Christine Charles, Sister of Chemotherapy & Dr Radu Vanica, Oncology Ward, Medical Oncology Department, Argenteuil Hospital, Paris, 20th October 2008

As part of my daily routine, I have been using Evolife products and observed their results. I have observed that Evomucy has a significant clinical benefit to patients who have developed mouth ulcers caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.
Dr Bogard, The Leon-Bernard Centre, Lyon, 20th October 2008

I would like to congratulate you for your product range. I have tested your products on patients undergoing chemotherapy, notably EVONAIL, EVOSKIN and EVOSPRAY. These products significantly relieved the patients from the toxic reactions that their treatment induced.
Dr Guastalla, The Leon-Bernard Centre, Lyon, 23rd October 2008 

I would like to express that I am entirely satisfied with the Evolife products. Each product has its own specific use and their results are exemplary. Many of these products bring comfort to the patients, for example :
Evocapil : which cures the horrible itchy scalp syndrome
Evomucy (mouthwash and mouth spray) :   enabling the patient to rediscover the pleasure of eating and talking without discomfort
Evoskin Cleanser : a very gentle cleanser for delicate or dry skin that can be used with the Evoskin Gel Cream product that hydrates the skin.
Another product, Evonail, enables patients to feel better about themselves. Thanks to this product, certain patients rediscover the need to look after their appearances.
Annick Courtin, Sister of Chemotherapy , Hospitalisation a Domicile �The Home Hospital Service, Laon, 24th October 2008

Since the beginning of the year, I have been enthusiastically using Evolife products in conjunction with external radiotherapy treatment.   I have observed good results in terms of tolerance to our treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.
Dr Pascale Mere, The Mermoz-Charcot Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre, Lyon, 23rd October 2008

Please allow me to express my sincere gratitude for the Evolife products that are used to treat cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, particularly Evonail. Patients being treated with Paclitacel (breast, prostate, lung cancer etc) were happy to be rid of the handicap affecting their finger and toe nails.  
Dr Delanian, Saint Louis Hospital, Paris, 20th October 2008 

*Please note these comments are based on individual and/or institution level experiences.
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